February 9, 2010

Cane and Ebel Rye Beer

Wanted to try something different the other night. I saw the Cane and Ebel Rye beer on the menu and figured that fit the bill (plus it came strongly recommended by the bartender). The beer is brewed by Two Brothers Brewing, in Warrenville, IL and was described as being brewed with rye and Thai palm sugar. Sounded good to me!

And good it definitely was. It was actually beyond just good - pretty damn great, if you must know. I could tell from the smell alone I would like it. It had that citrusy smell I love so well, as well as some spicy rye. The taste is delicious - rye spiciness balanced by grapefruit and orange from the hops. It's full-flavored and wonderful. It's a bit of a bigger beer - 7% ABV - but it's so smooth you'll never know it.

I seem to be a fan of the rye beers. I've had the Founders Reds Rye and these both are topping my list of favorites. Now I want to try more. I think I've mentioned before that some of my friends find the bitterness of the IPAs that I love so well to be too much. I think these rye beers are the perfect answer - they provide that hoppy taste (and some moderate bitterness) but are smoothed out well by the spicy/graininess of the rye. Definitely a must try!


  1. That beer was yummy. I hear it even takes away the pain of a bruised hand.

  2. Unfortunately didn't do much to ease the pain of the bruised hand or bruised ego! Nothing like wiping out in front of a group of people. Especially the people who are salting the walk. How does that even happen?

  3. I want to try this one! Don't let me forget to look for it next time we're out.

  4. Heath - seriously, I think you'll like it! We'll be on the hunt for it. I'll see if I can find it in bottles here and have it at my place for you.