February 7, 2010

Snowpocalypse Bar Crawl

Yesterday was another big storm in Philly. Total snowfall amount in the city? 28.5 inches! That's just crazy.

Had a really fun afternoon, as my followers/friends on Twitter/Facebook know. I've started using foursquare to "check in" when I go places and the updates are sent to those two sites. I looked at my facebook page today and have to admit, it was somewhat obnoxious! Between the hours of 2 pm and 12 am I went to the Royal Tavern, Tria, Good Dog, Jose Pistolas, Bar, McGillins, and finally Varga Bar. Got around by walking, which is some good mileage. Especially in the snow. I guess that's why my legs hurt as bad as they did this morning!

I love the city during a snowstorm. First, there are almost no cars on the road. It's so quiet and peaceful, especially when the snow is still coming down. Everyone walks in the middle of the street, and it really looks like a scene from a movie where we're the only survivors of some horrific event (think zombie or alient attack). And everyone is so friendly! I had the same experience in December during another storm (a mere 23.2 inch snowfall with that one). Something about weather disasters that makes us all like each other, I guess.

Got to experience some great beers yesterday, too. I won't list them all (mostly because I don't want to recount all that I drank) but really enjoyed the Dogfish Head World Wide Stout (nice, big 18% beer that didn't really taste that big), Stone IPA, and the Southern Tier Chocolate Stout.

It was a fun day spent having a great time with great friends! Now you'll excuse me while I try to dig my car out from under all this mess.

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