December 10, 2009

Founders Reds Rye

I think I'm on to a new type of beer that I love - the ryes. I've had a couple recently that I've really enjoyed. I think the reason I like them as much as I do is because the ones I've tried are pretty close to IPAs. Ryes tend to be less bitter than IPAs, but there's still a strong hop essence. I wonder what I would think if I tried a true Roggenbier (German rye beer).

Since I haven't had that pleasure, I'll concentrate on a pleasure that I had the other evening - the Founders Reds Rye. This is a fantastic beer! The pour was a nice, deep amber. Yes, you can smell the citrusy, piney hops but they're mixed with the aroma from the spicy rye. The taste, as expected from the smell, was hoppy, but really well balanced by caramely malts and spiciness from the rye. So good!

The ABV is about 6.8%. Not too strong and this is such a drinkable, enjoyable beer that you'll never realize it's that high.

Luckily this beer is available year-round. It's definitely way up on my list of favorites and I highly recommend you try one as soon as possible.


  1. Not sure if Terrapin gets up that far north, but if you get a chance to sample Terrapin's Rye Pale Ale, I think you'll enjoy it. They also have a Rye Squared (which, as you could probably imagine is double the fun) and during the summer months, the Big Hoppy Monster.

  2. Hey Chris - we do get Terrapin up here (actually met one of the guys from there a few months ago). I've had the Rye Squared and the Big Hoppy Monster (which wasn't all that hoppy to me or my friends who tried it). Definitely liked the Rye Squared, though.