February 12, 2010

A Beer Brainstorm - Left Hand Fade to Black

Last week I posted a guest review from fellow beer blogger Josh who writes at LostintheBeerAisle.com. He mentioned that he'd previously done a "beer-brainstorm" with another beer blogger, and it sounded fun to me. So we chose a beer, a date, and a time. Last night it all came together and below is the repost of what Josh put on his site from our session. As Josh so rightfully points out, this was a hell of a lot more fun than drinking/reviewing alone - thank you, Josh!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Left Hand Fade to Black

Tonight I'm posting my second ever chat-based beer brainstorm. Tonight my co-reviewer is Helene, which you may recall runs PhillyBeerGirl.blogspot.com. Doing this kind of review is 100 times more fun than drinking and reviewing alone! Many thanks to Helene!!!

PhillyBeerGirl: hey
@Lost_in_Beer: Howdy
@Lost_in_Beer: Have you warmed the beer at all?
PhillyBeerGirl: I didn't really - I grabbed it out of the fridge just about 5 minutes or so ago
PhillyBeerGirl: how about you?
@Lost_in_Beer: only a few minutes more...maybe 10-15
@Lost_in_Beer: I've never had this before...have you?
PhillyBeerGirl: Nope - I'm excited though, because people seem to really love it
PhillyBeerGirl: What do you get when you smell it?
PhillyBeerGirl: I'm getting coffee, toffee, maybe some caramel
@Lost_in_Beer: I've got a crazy confession about the aroma
@Lost_in_Beer: The last two beers I've had were toffee flavored. Both times (this one included) I smell olives
@Lost_in_Beer: It's creepy
@Lost_in_Beer: I'm 99% sure that my nose interprets toffee oddly
PhillyBeerGirl: Are you smelling the burnt smell, too?
@Lost_in_Beer: Nope, none of that action
@Lost_in_Beer: i think I'm picking up the coffee aroma you mentioned though
@Lost_in_Beer: Much head on your pour?
PhillyBeerGirl: No, not really
PhillyBeerGirl: Yours?
@Lost_in_Beer: Ditto
@Lost_in_Beer: Not even 1 finger
@Lost_in_Beer: The pour was a little syrupy looking
PhillyBeerGirl: I completely agree - was thinking the same thing when I poured it
PhillyBeerGirl: Although now that it's been sitting in my glass for a few minutes, it doesn't look as thick as I'd originally thought
@Lost_in_Beer: I just tasted this puppy though
PhillyBeerGirl: Okay, I'm going in for the taste now
@Lost_in_Beer: Totally coffee
PhillyBeerGirl: Oh yeah, but some sweetness, too
PhillyBeerGirl: And definitely bitter
@Lost_in_Beer: yeah, interesting mix of bitter & sweet. Initially I think it's fairly well balanced
PhillyBeerGirl: I think so, too
@Lost_in_Beer: And although I didn't get burnt smell, I do think it's definitely smokey tasting
PhillyBeerGirl: It's a pretty strong beer - 8.5% - and I think you can taste some of that
PhillyBeerGirl: Not overwhelmingly - but maybe just a hint of it like a little alcohol at the end
@Lost_in_Beer: Thus far, you think it meets the hype you heard?
PhillyBeerGirl: I do think it lives up to the hype
PhillyBeerGirl: It's really drinkable and like you said nicely balanced between bitter and sweet
PhillyBeerGirl: Getting anything more as the beer warms a bit?
@Lost_in_Beer: I was about to say that the character isn't changing much
@Lost_in_Beer: Which honestly surprises me with a beer this dark
@Lost_in_Beer: not complaining....
PhillyBeerGirl: I feel like I'm getting some fruit flavors - maybe plum?
@Lost_in_Beer: Could be some dark fruit in there. If anything the beer gets slightly sweeter as it warms.
@Lost_in_Beer: Your opinion on carbonation / mouth feel?
PhillyBeerGirl: Yeah, maybe a little less bitter
PhillyBeerGirl: Not too heavily carbonated
@Lost_in_Beer: agreed
PhillyBeerGirl: But definitely not flat
@Lost_in_Beer: Yeah...not as syrupy as the pour appeared
PhillyBeerGirl: Yes! Like I said, when I first started to pour I thought it was going to be very syrupy
PhillyBeerGirl: And then seeing it in the glass and tasting it - it doesn't really go with what I thought I'd get from that first pour
@Lost_in_Beer: Have you ever had a super flat, thick beer?
PhillyBeerGirl: Um, I don't think I have
PhillyBeerGirl: I don't know that I'd really like that
@Lost_in_Beer: I had one once. I think it was Sam Adams Triple Bock.
@Lost_in_Beer: Straight down the drain
PhillyBeerGirl: It was that good, huh?
@Lost_in_Beer: hehe
@Lost_in_Beer: Tasted like it looked: black sludge
@Lost_in_Beer: Nothing like this beer :)
PhillyBeerGirl: Do you like beers that are bourbon-barrel aged?
@Lost_in_Beer: HELL YES
PhillyBeerGirl: You should try Port Brewing Older Viscosity
PhillyBeerGirl: Or Lost Abbey Angel Share
PhillyBeerGirl: You'd probably love them both
@Lost_in_Beer: I'll add them to my shopping list on the site
@Lost_in_Beer: See if I can get them here
@Lost_in_Beer: Any final thoughts on the Fade to Black?
PhillyBeerGirl: I would definitely buy it again and recommend it
PhillyBeerGirl: I think it's a solid brew
@Lost_in_Beer: Ditto
@Lost_in_Beer: Dark roasted malts and coffee deliciousness
@Lost_in_Beer: Perfectly balanced
@Lost_in_Beer: That's how I would sum it up
PhillyBeerGirl: We're in agreement then
PhillyBeerGirl: This was really fun!
@Lost_in_Beer: I love doing these
@Lost_in_Beer: So much more fun then drinking alone
PhillyBeerGirl: Totally agreed on that, too!
@Lost_in_Beer: Tonight I would have been stuck watching Oprah with the wife while reviewing :)
PhillyBeerGirl: haha - I'm glad I could save you from that (although I do love me some Oprah!)
@Lost_in_Beer: I'll be honest...it isn't that bad
@Lost_in_Beer: Unless it's one of those sappy-make-you-cry shows
@Lost_in_Beer: Then I tap out...
@Lost_in_Beer: (mostly because I'm a sap and I cry b/c of that stuff)
@Lost_in_Beer: LOL
PhillyBeerGirl: make sure you leave that in when you post this
@Lost_in_Beer: hehe...maybe
@Lost_in_Beer: Anyhow...I should eat before I end up in a booze coma on the couch
@Lost_in_Beer: Thanks again for doing this
PhillyBeerGirl: Have a great night! And thanks!
@Lost_in_Beer: Have a good evening Helene

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