December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve cold

I'm nursing quite a cold right now. It started yesterday morning and got worse throughout the day. Unfortunately I'm in the middle of moving (and that's unfortunate for more than just the reason that I'm doing it with a cold) and had to pack and move stuff all day today. I finally got home and collapsed around 5 o'clock. I could remember being sick around this time last year and writing about it so I just looked through my posts and saw it was actually New Years eve eve, and now here I am sick on Christmas Eve. I guess the good news is that my family doesn't celebrate the holiday so at least I'm not missing out on any family time. The bad news is that my boyfriend does celebrate and so his home - in Iowa - with his family and I'm literally all alone in his house right now. I've decided there's nothing lonlier than a Jewish person who lives alone and is sick on Christmas Eve. At least if I felt good I could go out and grab some Chinese food with friends like I usually do.

I'm not writing this to complain, though (I can see the look of disbelief you're shooting me right now, given how this has started). I'm writing because I'm thinking of the good beers I want to be drinking. I'm friends with so many beer people on Twitter and Facebook that seeing how much fun everyone is having is making my speedy recovery seem that much more necessary. I know tomorrow night Devil's Den is featuring the '09 and '10 Mad Elf. I wonder if I'll be up for making it to that. And then Sunday I'm supposed to go to the World Cafe Live Winterfest Beer Tasting (which I attended last year and wrote about here).

Too many good things coming up for me to play host to this cold. With that, I'm off to take more medicine and maybe even tuck myself in for the night. Let me know your suggestions for my first drink post-cold.

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