December 25, 2010

Christmas Day love

I've been convalescing at my boyfriend's house. Since I'm in the middle of my move I have no furniture in myplace and even though he's not here, he's told me I'm welcome to stay. One of the reasons I'm happy to be here is his goldfish. Yes, his goldfish. Now, I had goldfish growing up but we kept them in small tanks and so they never got very big. Gustav (that's the goldfish) is so big! And he's very entertaining. When he's hungry he looks right at me and makes little fish faces. I've been told to ignore him, but I find it hard to. He also does tricks, like swimming on his back or on his side for me. What I think is my most favorite, though, is when I'm walking over to feed him. When he sees me coming, he wagshis tail like a dog. (I swear! Although it's more like an all-body wag). It's the cutest thing I've ever seen. He then swims to the top of the tank and splashes the water a bit when I'm putting the food in. I've told John (that's the boyfriend) that I think Gustav wants me to pet him, and John has implored me not to. So far I've been able to hold back, but I have to admit it's hard at times.

I'm writing all this because I've stayed in - by myself - for the past two nights and haven't done much more than watch TV - and Gustav. This is my third night in in a row. I can't remember the last time I was alone on
a Friday and Saturday night! Part of me is glad for the downtime, but I'm also starting to get the itch to get out. Now they're calling for a lot of snow tomorrow (I've heard varying reports, so am not going to quantify it at this point) and I'm afraid I might be stuck in again.

I'm going to run out in the morning and make sure I have food stuff to get me through. I've got some beers here that should take good care of me. And Gustav will undoubtedly be his usual fun self.

Here's hoping you've had a very merry Christmas full of good times with family, friends, cheer, and beer. Let me know what you did - and drank - to make it special.

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