December 28, 2009

Winterfest Beer Tasting

Yesterday was an incredibly fun day spent trying many different beers at the Winterfest '09 Beer Tasting at WXPN. First of all, I love XPN and World Cafe Live. I've been a member for many, many years and credit them with my incredible (if I do say so myself) taste in music. They're constantly introducing me to new artists and expanding my musical horizons.

Now I can also credit them with expanding my beer horizons. I love beerfests, and not just because I love drinking beer. It's such an amazing way to try new things. And the people there are usually pretty cool, too. I mean, they're there to drink beer - how bad could they be?

The event lived up to my expectations. It was a fun crowd and there was a selection of over 80 different beers! The focus was on porters, stouts, winter seasonals, and special holiday ales. Below are some of the favorites I had, including their ABV and what type of beer they are:

Rogue Yellow Snow, 6.2% American IPA
Breckenridge Vanilla Porter, 4.7% American Porter
Breckenridge Christmas Ale, 7.4% Winter Warmer
Dogfish Head Burton Baton, 10% American Imperial IPA
Mikkeller Red and White Christmas, 8% American Strong Ale
Ridgeway Very Bad Elf, 7.5% English Pale Ale
Lakefront Holiday Spice, 9.5% Winter Warmer

So, you can see we had some pretty strong ones! All in all, a bunch of different tastes and a nice addition to my usual repetoire of IPAs (although I managed to sneak a couple of those in there). I highly recommend trying one of these on a cold winter's night.

Tonight I'm celebrating the holiday season with a couple of my girl friends and will be bringing a nice seasonal beer for them to try - now I just have to decide which one.


  1. Yay! Can't wait to see what your pick is tonight! :)

  2. Hope you liked the beer last night! I thought it was really good and would definitely buy it again. In case you were interested, it was McChouffe by Brasserie d'Achouffe. I got it at Hawthornes (corner of 11th and Fitzwater). They've got a great beer selection there!