January 27, 2010

Port Brewing Older Viscosity

One of these days I'm really going to remove myself from Tria's email list. That email is to my eyes like the music of the pied piper was to the ears of the rats (and, I guess, the children). Every time I get one I find myself at Tria post-haste. It happened again this past Monday. I was ready (very ready, after the long Sunday night I had) to spend my night on the sofa in front of the TV. But when I saw that they were tapping a keg of Older Viscosity I knew I wanted to get there to try it.

Older Viscosity is the Old Viscosity (for those of you familiar with it) made stronger by six months spent in bourbon barrels. This is a big beer - 12% ABV - that tastes like a big beer. I took a seat at the bar next to a man who was drinking one, and I honestly thought it was wine he had, given how it looked in the glass.

The pour is an inky black. I could overwhelmingly smell the bourbon along with hints of chocolate, vanilla, and some dark fruits. I was a bit apprehensive to taste it. And for me, that apprehension turned out to be the right feeling. As I mentioned above, this tastes like a big beer. It's definitely a sipper, and if you're going to have one, you're likely going to have only one.

There's a lot of bourbon in the taste. But, much like the aroma, you also get chocolate, oak, vanilla, and brown sugar. Definitely not my cup of beer, but others seem to really like it. From what I can tell, if you're a fan of this type of beer this is one you'll want to try. It reminded me of the Lost Abbey Angel's Share. Interestingly, Port Brewing and Lost Abbey are brewed by and at Port Brewing Company, and are both overseen by the same head brewer. I want to try some of their other varities, because I think I'd really enjoy them and then wouldn't feel so badly about not liking the two that I have written about!


  1. A good friend just recommended I go to Tria and have this before it vanishes. Since I am a huge barrel aged bourbon beer fan I'm a little jealous that you've had a chance to taste it. Older Viscosity is an amazing beer. However if you don't enjoy the big bourbon thing it's definitely not going to win you over.

  2. Hey Brian,
    I went back and looked at my post about the Angel's Share and saw you'd commented on that one, too. Yes, if you like these types of beers you should try this one. It seems to be a crowd pleaser, even though not my taste. But really, as I explained to someone tonight, that's not my aim. I want people to try as many beers as possible to see the wide variety of what they like, rather than try to tell them what to like. If that makes sense. Definitely get to Tria! And let me know when you're going so I can come meet you. ;)