January 19, 2010

Allagash Curieux

I'm not sure that I would have tried the Allagash Curieux on my own. It's a bourbon barrel-aged tripel. Nothing about that says that I'm going to like it. It's not going to be hoppy. It's going to taste of bourbon. I like the tripel style but don't love it.

And yet, love it I did! I was at Monk's Cafe and was told this was a special beer and that I had to try it. Good thing other people have taste beyond IPAs and force me outside of my comfort zone.

It poured a nice amber color. The bourbon came through in the smell, but not so much so that I was afraid to try it (not being a huge bourbon fan). There was also some vanilla, oak, and fruitiness coming through. Taste was pretty much the same as the nose. This is a strong beer - 11% ABV (although, I actually thought it was 22%, so I'm relieved to find out it's not) - but the taste is not overpowered by the alcohol. I found it to be very drinkable. You can taste the bourbon but it doesn't completely overwhelm the palate, instead blending well with the vanilla, oakiness from the barrel and fruits that you would expect from a tripel.

I agree that this is a special beer and one well worth tasting.

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