July 7, 2009

Troeg's Sunshine Pils - a wonderful summer brew

Up until recently, it seemed the sun had forgotten how to shine in Philadelphia. Which isn’t to say you couldn’t find some sunshine if you knew where to look.

Take, for instance, the Troegs Sunshine Pils from Troegs Brewing Company in Harrisburg, PA. This German-style pilsner is sure to brighten up any day. It starts with the pour – a nice, clear yellow in the glass. You can almost taste summer just looking at it! The smell is sweet – faintly citrusy, faintly herbal. Next comes the taste. Crisp. Smooth. A little hoppy but not overwhelmingly so. And not a lot of carbonation, making it very drinkable.
Another great thing about this beer is its relatively low ABV – it comes in at just 5.3%, which means you can easily enjoy more than one.

My advice? Don’t hold out for a day on which you need some sunshine – this beer is meant be enjoyed everyday. It's perfect for a hot summer day (I imagine having one after an afternoon spent mowing the lawn – if I had a lawn to mow!) or on one of those days when the thunderstorms come rolling in to break up the summer humidity. And since it’s only available May through August, make sure to get one while you can.

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