July 16, 2009

Rare VOS

One of the things I'm loving best about writing about beer is all the new beers I'm being introduced to. Up until recently I was content to ask the bartender for a new IPA to try. And while I'll still ask the bartender for a suggestion, I've opened up the list of beers I'll try to include - well, pretty much everything. I think I mentioned before just how many types of beers I've realized I really, really like. I would recommend that you do the same. Don't be afraid to try something outside your tried and true and you just might surprise yourself. Now that I think about it, that advice applies to life and not just beer drinking!

Now that I'm done telling you how to live your life - on to the beer!

Last week at Jose Pistolas, I was introduced to a rare treat - the Rare VOS from Ommegang. It's considered a dark ale, but pours lighter than one might expect. It's orange/amber in color and has a decent-sized head. There's the yeasty smell typical of Belgian beers, but you'll also catch hints of of spice/nuttiness, and fruit as well. The taste is wonderful - starts off malty but finishes with a hop taste. It's a little bit sweet and a tiny bit spicy. (Hmm, sounds a little bit like me.) Overall very refreshing and delicious! And not too strong - about 6.5% ABV.

Don't drink this beer on rare occasions - drink it as frequently as you can. It's that good.

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