November 4, 2010

Foobooz 2010 Top 50 Bars in Philadelphia

Last year, shortly after I'd started this blog, I was asked by Foobooz to give my top 10 list of favorite bars in and around Philadelphia for a top 50 list that was being compiled. I was honored to be asked, and astounded when the list came out to see that I'd been one of the people thanked by name for their contribution. I'd only recently gotten in to the beer scene and, given the company I was in, I felt validated.

I was asked again this year for my list, and still felt the same excitement in being asked. The list is hot off the presses (just got posted a few minutes ago) and well worth a read-through. It sparked a lot of discussion in 2009 and is sure to do the same this year.

Although if you have comments I'd ask that you post them on Foobooz's site, I'm curious if you think any bars were left off that should be on and if there are any bars that you feel have no place being on the list.


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