March 17, 2010

Hello again

I knew it had been a while since I'd posted, but seeing that it's been over two weeks makes me feel a bit ashamed. However, I think there comes a point in everyone's life where they (should) take some time to assess where they're at and where they're going. I did this back in the summer, when I made the decision to leave my job because I was so unhappy. And I did it a couple of weeks ago when I realized just how often I was going out and how often I was drinking. I guess that's one of the dangers of writing about beer!

I've always been a big drinker, ever since I had my first taste of beer back in college (and it was Natty Light! Eww!). Over the years, the drink - and quality - may have changed, but the quantity really hasn't. It's not something that I'm alone in struggling with - I've talked to others who write about beer who admit that at times it's overwhelming, especially living in Philly. There are so many beer events going on nightly, and there are so many great beers we want to try. Even Lew Bryson recently said on Facebook that he was "writing a column about how folks who drink craft beer are not immune to drinking too much of it...and thinking about what we can do about it". This wall post sparked a number of comments, so I guess it really is something people think about. (I'm interested in reading the article when it comes out.)

I didn't become a teetotaler for those couple of weeks, but I did stop going out nightly and tried to only go out once or twice a week. I also skipped a number of beer events I really wanted to go to (it helped that I had a stomach bug for a weekend, so had to miss some events). I have to say, I feel better about things than I did a couple of weeks ago and am ready to go out again.

I'm not saying this to be preachy. Everyone has different feelings about how much is too much. I'd just gotten to a point where I felt I was drinking too much too often. I'm proud to say I went out last night - to a craft beer menu launch at a restaurant - and had 3 beers in about 3 hours. I went out Saturday night and had 3.5 beers over 4 hours. Those are really good numbers for me, and ones I hope to continue with.

Sorry that my first post in a couple of weeks is about something that some people may not want to read about. But I wanted to be honest about why I'd been away, and what my thoughts have been. It's ironic that I'm posting this on St. Patty's Day, a day that I've typically devoted to drinking and celebrating my non-Irishness. I'll still be going out tonight and celebrating. It will just be with a couple of less beers than I've celebrated with in the past.


PS. Tomorrow I get back to beer reviews. I had the Port Brewing Wipeout last night, loved it, and can't wait to write about it!

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  1. As someone whose drinking was curbed mightily about four and 1/2 years ago with the birth of my son, I say "welcome to the more responsible drinking club!" Or I would say that, if I thought I drank any more responsibly. While I might not be able to get out and drink as often as I used to (or might like to, for instance, on this fine St. Patrick's Day I'll probably have one red ale while watching the Disney Channel tonight), I think that on the days I do drink, I still drink too much. Moderation is not in my vocabulary, binge drinking is. And then the next day I flog myself for once again trying to fit a month's worth of drinking into one night. I'm pretty sure I would have tried to mightily outpace you if I'd been with you last night - 3 beers in 3 hours is responsible and admirable. And somehow I doubt I could have drank the same.

    I think this is a post that many people can relate to. I want to drink good beer, I want to try many good beers, and way too often those beers have an abv % that makes that inadvisable. Seeing as you're Philly Beer Girl and Philadelphia has a ton of interesting and educational beer events on any given night, it makes sense that a break would be in order. Also, I would think that taking a break would help you to appreciate the beers in Philly when you go back to them.

    I don't know what I'm trying to say except I hear where you're coming from and I've been there. Good luck and stay strong! (But not too strong. Sometimes we gotta get a little out of conrtol.) :)