September 17, 2009

Moylan's Hopsickle Imperial Triple Hoppy Ale

Got news through Facebook (seems how I get a lot of news these days) that the great bar Isaac Newton's in Newtown would be tapping a keg of Moylan's Hopsickle Imperial Triple Hoppy Ale. An imperial hoppy ale? Moylan's speaks my language. Also, I grew up in Bucks County and while I've been to Isaac Newton's many, many times, I don't go as often as I might like given that I have to worry about getting myself home afterwards.

The beer made the trip - and the (sober!) drive home - well worth it. Need I mention that the beer is a nice, deep amber color? There's a nice hop smell - citrusy, grapefruity, piny - with a hint of caramel in the background.

The hops are plentiful in the taste, too. Having said that, the taste is nicely balanced with the malt so as strong as it is, it's still drinkable. It's definitely one of the most bitter beers I've had, but because I like my beers bitter, I don't have a problem with it.

This is a strong beer. You can tell that from the smell and the taste, and reading it should come as no surprise - 9.2%. Not a session beer, but one worth a try if you're in to intensely hoppy beers.

One note on imperial IPAs. "Imperial" is a fairly recently coined term that's been used to describe the big IPAs that American craft brewers have been brewing for those people - like me - who crave intense beers. Imperial seems to be an arbitrary term and doesn't have an official designation, other than to signify a stronger version of an IPA. The words "double", "extreme" or even "extra" mean the same thing.

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