September 30, 2009

Great American Beer Festival Winners - Congratulations!

The Great American Beer Festival was held September 24 - 26 in Denver, CO. While I didn't go this year, you can bet I'll be there next year.

Pennsylvania did us proud by coming in 5th in number of overall medals (or 4th, depending, apparently, on where the Iron Hill brews were credited to - either PA or DE) with 12 (although, with the Iron Hill beers we took 14, which is what puts us in 4th). PA was the only non-west coast winner in the top 5. I call that an amazing feat! A big congratulations to all!

You can see the full list of PA winners here. If you're interested in the Delaware Valley winners, you can find them here. And finally, if you want to see all the winners, look no further than here.

I'd also like to send a big congratulations to Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick, MD and Robert Malone (the brewer) for winning the 2009 Mid-Size Brewing Company and Mid-Size Brewing Company Brewer of the Year! They were the only non-west coast brewery to win in the brewing company or brewpub category. I've had their beers (and have written about them) and know that they are deserving of this recognition! Great job, guys!


  1. The brewery is only about two and a half hours from Center City. They do tours all afternoon on Saturdays. And the people there are some of the nicest I've ever met. If you have a free weekend, you should head on down - and there are two brew pubs in town, and several others on the way (DuClaw, Red Brick Station, Ellicott Mills). If you're ever heading down, let me know, and I'll let you know where to get the best Maryland beers along the way.

  2. I was actually down there in September for GonzoFest. Did you go? Not sure how smart it would be to get beers along the way - unless I find a nice friend who doesn't mind doing the driving while I do the drinking. :) But I'll let you know if I head back down that way. Thanks!