August 9, 2009

Victory Prima Pils

Another lager! But it's a good one and I'm glad to be writing about it.

The Prima Pils is a German pilsener brewed by Victory Brewing Company, my neighbors in Downingtown, PA. This beer is highly regarded by critics and regular, every day beer drinkers (like me).

The pour is pale yellow. The smell is a bit grassy and citrusy with some floral in there as well. The taste is clean and crisp, just what you want from a pilsener, and more flavorful than most beers of this style. There's not much malt in this one, it's more about the hops, making it more bitter, but not overwhelmingly so. At 5.3% ABV, this is a great session beer. And even better, it comes in at only 150 calories. Not bad at all!

(I've included the calories because I've had a couple of requests lately to include this information. I think it's a great suggestion, especially since one of my goals is to promote drinking of good, craft beer. I hear a lot that women are afraid that drinking beer will make them heavy. I hate to break it to you, but too much of anything will make you heavy! Don't hate on the beer!)

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