August 29, 2009

Craft beer vs light beer

I've recently started publishing the caloric content of the beers I'm writing about because I had a couple of requests to add that. I'm worried, though, that people (okay, women) are going to focus on that number and not be able to see beyond it. We women are a funny bunch that way. We get a number in our head of what's acceptable - be it a pant size, a bra size, the age we want to get married - and we can't seem to let it go.

The advertisers of the mass marketed beer will have you believe that the lower the calories the better. Nutritionists would agree. I, of course, see the rationale in this. I'm certainly not saying that calories don't matter. I really do believe in moderation in all things (oh, I can hear a lot of my friends laughing at that one).

But the difference is, these craft beers are so good that you should take the time to smell the beer, really let it sit in your mouth and get the full flavor rather than just mindlessly throwing them back the way you would whatever ice-cold "goodness" you've been enjoying up until now. Am I saying that I always only drink one or two? Anyone who knows me, reads this blog or follows me on twitter and sees some of my ridiculous, late-night tweets knows that's not the case. But I have learned to appreciate what I'm drinking, and think that you should give yourself the chance to, too. Regardless of what the number is that comes along with enjoying it.

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