January 9, 2013

A Worthy Beer

I was out in Minneapolis for New Years Eve. As I said to anyone who would listen, who doesn't want to go to the midwest in December/January? Yes, it was cold. There were wind chill advisories because temperatures were expected to feel like negative 20. It's all a matter of what you're used to, though. I went to the gym one morning and while I walked out in my heaviest winter coat buttoned to the top (which was over half my face), my hood pulled up, and gloves on, another woman who was leaving with me felt that only yoga pants that came to her mid-calf, flat shoes with no socks and an unzipped hoodie were necessary to make her feel warm.

While I'm sure you're not interested in the thinness of my blood, you may be interested in a tasty beverage I had while I was out there - Fulton's Worthy Adversary. The 9.2% ABV Russian Imperial Stout was up to the challenge of warming this Philly girl on the coldest of days. Pour was an inky black. Smell was of dark fruits, coffee and chocolate, and the taste followed with coffee, chocolate, roasty malts, and a touch of alcohol coming through. With such a big beer you'd expect the alcohol to be stronger. The fact that it wasn't was both delicious - and dangerous! You could easily get yourself in to trouble with this beer, especially if you don't realize how big it is going in to it.

Laugh at me as you may for visiting one of the coldest spots in the US during the one of the coldest times of the year. I think I got the last laugh by getting to try some of this amazing, locally brewed (Fulton is in Minneapolis) beer.


  1. Next time you have to try Surly beer. They make all kinds of good stuff.

  2. I had the Surly Furious and really loved it. I also had a beer from Steel Toe Brewing, which is another local brewer. Good stuff happening out there in MN!