November 30, 2009

Victory Yakima Twilight

The Victory Yakima Twilight - a dark IPA, and seemingly nothing to do with the movie Twilight - was the beer I had to kick off my Black Friday festivities. And what a good choice it was!

While it's a dark beer - it pours a deep, reddish brown - the smell of the hops really come through. You get that wonderful grapefruity/piney smell with a nice hint of toasted malt. The taste is overwhelmingly hoppy but I think nicely balanced with bready malts and even some chocolate. While I think it's very drinkable, it is on the bitter side and may be a bit much for some people - including my friend who tasted it, made a face, looked at me and said, while shaking her head, "Oh, Hel". She just doesn't get how I can take the bitterness of the beers I drink.

This is definitely a strong ale. It comes in at 8.9% ABV (which is why I only had one; I knew I was in for a long day of drinking). It's only available through January, so be sure and get one while you can.


  1. "Oh, Hel." I made the blog! :) Thanks for another great Black Friday. I feel we went quality over quantity this year, good for us.

  2. Hey girl. Its Cameron from POPE the other night. Thanks for some interesting chat :)

  3. Hey Cameron - great meeting you. It was a fun time. :) Let me know next time you're out in the area. Would be fun to hang again.