May 31, 2009

A blog is born

Welcome to my blog!   For a while now I've wanted to combine two loves of mine - drinking and writing - and a blog seemed like the perfect way to do this.  
I love beer.  Good beer.  Hoppy beer.  I drink IPAs like it's my job (I wish it were!).  I feel fortunate to live in a city where a good bar (and good beer) is never far away.  
I think women need to know there's more to beer than the light swill that is so often marketed to them.  Beers that taste really good and don't have that many more calories than the light stuff. My goal for this blog is to review beers and bars.  It will be an adventure we can go on together.  I don't have a degree in beer.  I just know what I like, am going to learn more and want share the experience with others.  

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